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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Kazakhstan Tender (New)
Estimated Value : KZT 22,321 | Closing Date : 08-02-2018
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Panama Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : PAB 70,24,146 | Closing Date : 23-02-2018
Education And Research Institute Tenders | Location : Rajasthan - India Tender (Live)
Annual Rate Contract for Supply of Various Consumables Items - Stainless Steel Crown Box Deciduous, Stainless Steel Crown Box Permanent, Assorted Stainless Steel Crown Box, Strip Crown Box, Xylocaine Jelly, Apf Gel With Trays, Pit And Fissure Sealants, Metalmodified Gic (miracle Mix), Silver Alloy, Mercury, Provipaste, Zinc Oxide Powder, Eugenol, Zinc Phosphate Cement, Zinc Poly Carboxylate Cement, Glass Ionomer Cement Luting, Glass Ionomer Cement Restorative, Fibre Post System With Drills, Prefabricated Metallic Post System With Drills, Inlay Wax Type 1 (direct )(medium), Inlay Wax Type 2 (indirect) (blue), Diamond Burs American Football Shaped Straight, Mta Powder, Biodentine, Hard Setting Calcium Hydroxide Paste, For Pulp Protection, 37% Phosphoric Acid Etchant Gel, Bonding Agent 7th Generation, Bulk Fill Composite, Fibre Reinforced Composite, Anterior Composite Resin Kit (dual Shade System), Posterior Composite Resin Kit (highfiller Loading), Resin Cement (dual Cure), Resin Modified Gic Cement, Flowable Composite, Universal Composite Resin Kit (nanohybrid), Formocresol, K Reamers, Broaches, K – Files, H– Files, Paper Points, Gutta Percha Points, Rotary Ni Ti Files, Greater Taper Hand Ni Ti Files, Finger Spreader, Finger Pluggers, Pesso Reamers, Rubber Damsheets, Intermediate Restorative Material (irm), Gutta Percha Solvent, Cavity Varnish, Cervical Matrices, Sectionalmatrices, Bleaching Kit- In Office, Home Bleaching Kit, Pulp Devitalizer, Edta Gel, Calcium Hydroxide Powder, Calcium Hydroxide Powder With Iodoform, Light Cure Calciumhydroxide, Resin Based Root Canal Sealer, Calcium Hydroxide, Based Root Canal Sealer, Zinc Oxide Based Root Canal Sealer, Sodiumhypochlorite 5 %, 2 %chlorhexidine Solutions, 17 % Edta Solutions, Duplicating Material, Condensation Silicone Material Heavy Body, Addition Siliconematerial Putty, Addition Siliconematerial Light Body, Polishing Paste, L.A. Spray, Periodontal Dressing (coepak), Ribbond, Fixer Agfix Liquid 9 Ltrs, Suction Tips, Patient’s Drape Disposable, S.S. Soft Wire 26 Guaze, S.S.Soft Wire 24 Guaze, Zinc Oxide Eugenol Impression Paste, Non Eugenol Impression Paste, Spacer Waxes, Beading And Boxing Waxes, Bite Registration Materials (polyether And A Silicone), Pressure Indicating Material, Traymaterial (For Custom Tray), Light Cure Acrylic (visible Light Cure), Heat Cure Acrylic ( Powder/ Liquid), Sticky Wax, Denture Adhesive Fixon, Tissue Conditioners, Soft Liners (silicone Heat Cure), Agar (duplicating Material), Functional Impression : Korrecta Wax, Refractory Hardener, Electrolytic Polishing Liquid, Block Out Wax, Undercut Wax, Diagnostic Wax Up Waxes (white Color), White Ivory Wax, Light Cure Nanohybrid Composite With Curing Unit, Core Build Up Material (paracore), Post System Regular Stainless Steel Parallel Cemented & Glass Fibre Post, Rouge, Wash Opaque, Ladder Wax(Step,Round), Clasp Wax (premolar/molar), Die Hardener, Blue Inlay Wax, Sand Blaster (ai03 With 25,50,150 Microns), Soft Gingival Material For Impla Models, Pattern Resin, Implant Cement, Wire Cutter, Reducing Disc, Fit Checker Paste, Airotor Oil Spray, Airotor Burs- Carbon Carbide 12 & 24 Flutes (sinter Diomond), Composite Finishing Kit, Shade Guide-Vita Classic-Sectrometer, Alginate, Ortho Elastic, Modelling Wax, Dental Stone, Old Cure Acrylic Resin, Impression Compound, Artculating Paper, Retraction Cord- Knitted & Non, Impregnated- Ce Approved, Dental Plaster, Tooth Colored Acrylic, Cold Mould Seal, Die Spacer, Die Lubricant, Die Pins (double), Investment Material For Ni Cr, Phosphate Bonded With Liquid, Sand Papermandrel, Rubber Disc For Metal Polishing, Die Stone, Casting Rings, Metal For Casting Nicr, Metal For Casting Pfm, Sprue Wax (6,8,10,12,14, Gauge) 2, Rolls Each Of 500 Gm, Carborundum Discs Reducing, Separating, Cuttting 32*2.2, Diamond Finshing Stone Cylinder Type, Green Stick Imperssion Compound, Zinc Oxide Eugenol Impression Paste, Non Eugenol Impression Paste, Teeth Sets (set Of 28), Teeth Sets (set Of Anterior), Teeth Sets (set Of Posterior), Cold Mold Seal, Ortho Dontic Wire (20,21- Half Round & Round), Universal (manipal) Piler No. 74,139, Metal: Ni-Cr, Co-Cr (both Regular & Compaitble With Ceramics), Adhesive System 3 Bottles Each, Hydrofluoric Acid 10 %, Articulating Papers 8 (5 Rolls),20,100, Microns, Pumice, Paste Opaque - 1a2,A3, B1, B2,C1 Compatible With Item No 357-361), Dentin- A1- 5bottles, A 2- 5 Bottles, ,b1-2 B2-3 C1-2 ( Compatible With Item No 356-361) Enamel A1-A3- 5bottles, A3 .5- 2, Bottles B1-2 B2- 2 Bottles (compatible With Item No 356-361), Transparent Incisal - 3 Bottles(Compatible With Item No 356-361), Glauze Liquid( Compatible With Item No 356-361), Glaze Powder( Compatible With Item No 356-361), Flat Wax Pattern Round (6,8,10,12,14, Gauge- Ego, 2rolls Each & 500 Gm, Full Wax Pattern Round (6,8,10,12,14, Gauge-Bego, 2rolls Each & 500 Gm, Cpd Patteran Wax Trial Pack., Metal Polishing Kit, Cervical (margin) Wax, Investment Material For Ni Cr,Cr, Silica Bonded Formetal, Cermic/Metal Porcelain ( Compatible With Itemno. 368-369), Investment Liquid Co Cr, Compatible With Item No. 367-, Carbide Trimmers For Micro Motor, 761,731 ,round, Straight Fissure, Flame Shaped,Cylindrical,Regular, Cross Cut, Major Connector Wax, Soft Liner For Chair Side Use A-Silicon, Based (permanent), Ortho Kit, Edgewise Kit 022 Slot Standard, Band Materials 150 X0.004, Light Cure Orthodontic Adhesive, Syringe, Ss Wire (26 Guage), Brass Wire, Elastic Blue, Elastic Yellow, Elastic Green, Elastic Pink, Separators, Mbt Kit.022 Slot, Lingual 7th Generation Kit, Lingual Stb Kit, Self Ligating Metal Kit, Ceramicmbt .022 Slot, Preformed Band Assorted, Buccal Tube Triple 022 Roth, Buccal Tube Triple 022mbt, Lingual 018 Tubes, Lingual Sheet, Co-Axialwire 0.1% (12 Inches), Niti Round 014 U & L, Niti Rectangular 016 * 022 U & L, Ss Rect 016* 022 U & L, Elastic Extraoral, Tma Rectangular 17*25 U & L, Australianwire Sup/Pre Plus 014, Niti Open Coil Spring, Forsus Assorted, Niti Expanders, Jones Jig, Isofolan Sheets, Duran Sheets 1 Mm, Duran Sheets 0.75 Mm, Duran Sheets 0.50 Mm, Colored 2.0 Mm Forrem, Beggs Bracket Bendable Curved, Beggs Bracket Bendable Flat, Beggs Lock Pins Stage I & Ii, Beggs Molar Tubeweldable, Solder And Flux, Hass Pal Expanders, Fermit, Vlc Sheets, Triad Gel, Expansion Screw2 Pin at RDCRS, RUHS College of Dental Sciences.
Estimated Value : INR 45,00,000 | Closing Date : 25-01-2018
Vegetable / Fruit / Flower / Plants Tenders | Location : Tripura - India Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : INR 1,50,000 | Closing Date : 19-01-2018
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Spain Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : EUR 97,701 | Closing Date : 06-02-2018
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Poland Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : EUR 1,856 | Closing Date : 15-02-2018
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Italy Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : EUR 933 | Closing Date : 05-03-2018
Recreational Services Tenders | Location : Not Classified - United States of America Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : NA | Closing Date : 19-01-2018
Health Services/Equipments Tenders | Location : Punjab - India Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : NA | Closing Date : 19-01-2018
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